SRIKRISHNA Jewellers is a name which, for decades has been synonymous with the finest and most exclusive jewelry. The SRIKRISHNA Jewelers hallmarks have always been top-quality gems, imaginative and distinctive designs, of the most exquisite workmanship. We have the recognition of discerning customers as purveyors of luxurious excellence, the very epitome of glittering opulence.

SRIKRISHNA Jewellers interprets marvelously the heritage of one of the world's greatest traditions of jewelry manufacturing, the Indian art of jewelry making. We have mastered the ability to rework and synthesize the broad range of the Indian cultural patrimony. An ability that has rediscovered and reinterpreted the original way by creating extraordinary styles and themes that transcend the dimension of time, with scintillating energy and everlasting beauty.

From times immemorial jewelry has been a vehicle of self expression. Worn by monarchs and nobles it symbolized wealth and power. A creation from the house of SRIKRISHNA Jewellers radiates the inestimable value of past eras which gave form to it and the beautiful play of solids and voids and of gemstones and metal which give the viewer a sense of pure magic.

What makes SRIKRISHNA Jewellers special? Not just the stones, valuable as they may be. Not the craftsmanship, excellent as it is. It is the poetry and charm of design, the light hearted wit and the sheer feminine frivolity of the idea that makes the jewelry irresistible.

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